The big snow storm!

So we went out to eat at Tucano's in Orem and it was good, my favorite place to eat. Yum! I got my picture taken with a couple guys (pics to come later) which was fun. Pa is awesome. Anyways, that was the night of the big snow storm. It took us 3 hours to get home. It was incredible. I got to drive in it. We were on I-15 at Thanksgiving point when we noticed the clock said 6:30. We got to the Highland exit, maybe a little past when it was 7:30. It was insane. My favorite part was as we were going up the point of the mountain there were 2 cars stalled and a semi jackknifed, trying to maneuver around them it was almost like playing a video game. I feel bad for them but it was still kind of fun. We made it home safe.