Nothing really

Not much has been going on. I spend my days at the elementary and trying to help Pa more. Also Young Womens on Wednesdays. I am loving working at the elementary again. All I need now is another part-time job and I'll be set. It is fun to feed the animals. I definitely should be helping more often. I don't know how Pa does it all! It is great to be in Young Womens. I have been at it for a long time, about 7 years I think, but I still love working with the Leaders and Women.
A great change in my routine was that I saw Horton and Spiderwick with Jenny on Friday. I thought both were really good movies. I liked both kinds. They were great.
I am way excited about something that is going to come about very soon now but I'll wait 'til it's complete before I share. It is awesome though!


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So Onge, what is this great and exciting news. You have me on pins and needles, pins and needles mind you. You can't just tease people like this and expect us to wait patiently for you to make an announcement. Love ya.