Tis the season

Fire weather is upon us.


This is what happens when you don't shut the bathroom door all the way. Party in the potty.

Another sunset

I am a huge fan of colors in the sky. I just can't get enough!


Learned a new trick to capturing the amazing colors of the sunset. Auto just didn't show the correct color. Making it a little darker is closer to what it is.

Favorite Days

Today is one of my favorite days. Planting day! It was an excellent day to do it as well, nice and cloudy. I love watching the water make its way down the furrows, making holes, then sticking the plants in and making sure they stand up straight.

We also got a bonus sheep shear day. One sheep got a little squirmy and got a good cut and the guy stitched her up quick. In all my 30 plus years watching the shear I'd never seen that. It was so cool to watch.

Unexpected visitors.

I let my cats come in to the house to hang out for a couple of hours tonight. At about 3am I decide to finally succumb to sleep so I went to let the cats out. When I open the door I hear this deep snarl/bark. Note: I feed the cats on the porch so I thought it was just a dog eating the cat food.
I turn on the light to get a look and I see 3 raccoons! I definitely needed a picture. Unfortunately I left my phone in my room.
I pulled the screen shut and was going to call it good, but for some reason I feel like raccoons can open screen doors. I slowly closed the door, so I wouldn't scare them away, and ran to grab my phone.
They were long gone by the time I got back. Hopefully when I catch them again I'll be prepared.

Irrigation day

It's always fascinating seeing the water make its way down the furrows.
This was the view at the canal.


I got woken up this time by Ayda jumping on my face. I don't know how she did it, but she hit me just right. Didn't even realise it was bleeding for a long time. I was hoping for a black eye, but blood is good.
If it doesn't bleed it doesn't count.