Bottle Show

Everyone went to the bottle show this year. It was way fun. The Lawson's came and we saw Lance and Kevin and their parents. It is always good to see our friends from California. We don't see them enough. The bottle show was pretty good. We went out to Red Rock Canyon again and that was beautiful, like always. The weather was so nice. It was great not seeing snow and not having to wear a coat. Of course we had to go to a couple buffets. I don't know which one I liked best. They were all good. They are getting more expensive though. We also did a little gambling. I think I am the only one who won anything. At the highest I was ahead 50. I came home with 30. The main reason we gamble is for the virgin pina colada. The best one this trip was at the new Red Rock casino. I think that is about it for the Vegas trip. All around it was awesome. I wish the bottle show was more than once a year!