Cedar City Trip

Pa and I went down to Cedar to visit Sarah and Joe. It was a really fun trip. It was good to get away. We started off with a horrible dinner at Wingers. Then Friday we went to Mt. Carmel to visit the septarian beds. We got a couple good specimens. We even found a couple with shells in them. It was cool. We then drove through Zions and found a little spot for petrified wood. The road up to is was crazy narrow and straight down on one side. When we got up to the plateau there was a camper van up there. No idea how they made it up that road! On the way home we stopped in Washington for In-N-Out. So yummy. By far the best food of the trip. Saturday we saw some petroglyphs and looked for flint. We then went on a trip to Irontown. Weirdest ghost town ever. They have fences up around what's left of the town and there is a lot of cabins out there too. It was cool to see though. Sarah and Joe made us breakfast Sunday. German pancakes, close second for food goodness. Such a good weekend. Thanks Sarah and Joe for letting us come and bug you!


Laurie said...

Great pictures and sounds like a great adventure. Love you!

Sandra and Dave said...

Nice blog. I love to read your stuff. Keep it up.

Love Dave