Orrin's Story

She tells it much better but as Heidi pointed out she probably wont post it anytime soon so here it goes: Erin, Sarah, and Joe decided to go out to the pool one night. Erin heard a psst and looked over to a window. A guy was standing there waving her over. She ignored him and went into the hot tub. She decided to peek over at him just to see if he was still in the window. He wasn't, he had come out and was sitting in one of the loungers right by her. Erin was trying to get Joe and Sarah's attention but wasn't able to, so she just ignored the guy but still kind of kept her eye on him. He finally went back in and closed the curtains. Can you say CREEPY!!! She didn't go swimming again that trip. It sucks that happened to her but it turned out to be a good story. Hopefully she'll post about it soon, like I said she tells it better. I told her to and it sounded like she was going to do it.


The Coxclan said...

Let's have lunch anytime this week. Thanks for the post man, CREEPY is right. Erin is such a looker she's getting all kinds of weirdos stalking her. She just can't keep them away.