Concert 9/27/2008

I am a procrastinator. Sorry I haven't posted on this sooner. Me, Sarah, and Joe went down to San Diego to see a concert. It was Switchfoot, Third Day, Jars of Clay, and Robert Randolph. The concert was awesome!! I have seen Switchfoot in concert before and they are good so I wanted to go again because I like Third Day and Jars of Clay. I don't know why but I was surprised that the other bands were so good live. Switchfoot is still my favorite but Third Day got bumped up a notch due to their incredible show.
We also got to hang out with our friends there. They are amazing people! Karen and Becca took us out to a swap meet. Joe found a guitar for 50 bucks. I don't know anything about guitars but apparently it is worth close to 400. So he found a very good deal! While we were there they were taping some sort of show. I don't know what it was but couples were running around trying to find things. Pretty cool. We saw them a bunch of times. We should find out what it was and see if we are in the background. We then went to see the beaches. And down to see the seals. I was hoping the seals would move around more but what can you do. We then went back home and had In'N'Out for lunch, watched a movie, and took a nap. That day was the concert. Matt came with us. I hope everyone had a good time. I sure did! The next morning everyone took us out for some good breakfast burritos. It was hard coming home. It was so nice to get away, see some different views, and hang out with friends.
I am definitely going to the next concert in San Diego. Anyone in?