The Great and The Terrible

It is a series by Chris Stewart. There are 5 books so far. (I heard the 6th might come out in early October!) I am way into these books. They get you thinking. It is about a family of 4. We first see them in the Pre-existence and then it follows them to earth. It is set in the last days and some crazy things happen to the world, mainly the US. It kind of makes me nervous because what he describes could totally happen and I am not prepared. I don't have my year supply. Pa and Catherine are awesome for canning all they do but we don't, or I don't, have stuff like flour, wheat, sugar, beans. I need to get working on it. That is my goal. I don't know how long it will take me but I am starting now. It's good motivation. It is weird too because I almost want to see it happen. I know it will be hard and a lot of terrible things will happen but a lot of miracles will happen too. It is cool to read about.
Hope I didn't confuse everyone. If you want to read these books I have them to lend. If you don't want to read but want me to explain what I mean about this blog entry let me know. I'll explain.


Laurie said...

I love those books. I can totally see that happening too. Good job on being motivated to get some food storage. Just buy a few things each time you go to the store. You'll get there before you know it. Love you!