Best Chicken Ever

I was in charge of the grill a couple of nights ago. I am not as confident in my chicken grilling as I am in my burger grilling. So it was a surprise to me that when people started eating it I was getting praises of how moist it was. Now I don't want to claim that it was all me that made the nights chicken so moist, so here are a couple of factors that helped in making some pretty good chicken.
1. I turned the grill on hot before I started cooking. I think it could have been left on too long. But everything was burnt off.
2. The chicken had been mostly frozen.
3. I applied my signature multi-flip formula.
4. The chicken was in a pretty good marinade.
I don't know if I'll ever be able to make chicken as moist again even with applying all 4 factors above, but that was some pretty good chicken we had that night.