A funny thing happened . . .

at the local movie rental place. Me and Erin went in to get a couple movies. At checkout I was informed that the credit card on file was expired, so I gave them a new one. Next it turns out that my address is invalid. I give that again too. Now the fun part, another person is waved over and they start to whisper to each other. Next thing I know one leaves and comes back with a movie. Apparently I bought it. I said no and now have to talk to the manager. Something I am really looking forward to! What really happened was Pa & Catherine had rented one and returned it the next day and maybe they lost it, or rented it out that same day. I don't know what happened but I hope they take care of it because I'm not paying for a movie.
At least it gives me a good story and me and Erin had a good laugh while we were there!