Today was an awesome birthday!! I started off at work which wasn't too bad. Some co-workers found out and announced it over the pa. Pa and Erin joined Catherine and I for our morning mocha (minus the coffee for me). I was going to sleep but I wasn't tired so Pa, Erin, and I went to pick up my present. I wasn't sure what it was but when we were getting close to our destination Erin says, "Aren't you so excited for your new bed?!" Surprise ruined. :) I was way excited though. We then had lunch and Sandra called to see if I could babysit. Just for a half hour. I thought why not. We just planned to have a little barbecue with the fam for dinner. We could eat a little later. So I babysat Abe and started to walk home. I could smell the hamburgers cooking and was a little excited that they'd be ready by the time I got there. As I got closer I saw two cars in the road and was wondering who was over to visit. But then I saw the orange balloons and I thought wait just one minute, what is going on here. My family totally surprised me with a party! Aunts, uncles, cousins, friends. We had an awesome barbecue and had a really good time. I have the best family ever. My sisters took time off to be here with me. And so many of my extended family came. So awesome. Even though my memory started slipping before I got old I will totally remember this day! Thank you everyone, you are amazing people. I love you all!!
Not sure if you really want to know what I got but as this is sort of my journal here it goes.

My new bed:
Something to help feed my reading obsession :)

I also got some sweet gift cards to feed my new nook, and enjoy some good eats. I got a super cute owl, a Jake doll, some lotions, and National Treasure 2. Thanks again everyone who came. It was prime!! Now I am finally off to sleep. :)