100's All Around

As you know I have been reading a lot lately. Well I just finished my 100th book for this year! Crazy!! Even crazier is that this is my 100th post. In honor of the 100's I thought I'd have a contest to celebrate!
I will be giving away one book that I have read this year. It will be a surprise. If you want to check out which books I've read you can go check out my book blog.
To be entered all you have to do is leave me a comment. I'll pick a winner on August 31st. Good luck!!


The Coxclan said...

Good Gravy Onge. 100 Books. That's awesome, I better get reading some more so I can catch up with you. I think I've read about 20 this year. Congratulations on the 100's.

Laurie said...

Way to read! I'm proud of you. Love you!