Girls Camp

I almost made it to girls camp this year. We were going to the property out by Indianola. We all agreed upon taking the longer, but less construction, route through Nephi. I was making good time. We turned off 89 onto the dirt road and had just made it though the lower gate and up the hill a little ways when I noticed something wet on my windshield. I first thought it was bugs. Boy was I wrong!! It was anti-freeze that had decided to spew out the front of my car. I pulled over and the radiator started smoking. I had 4 girls in the car with me. We opened the hood and waited. I thought I was first to get there, but it turns out everyone else decided to take the Spanish Fork route. It was lucky that they were coming back down for an activity in the city. The girls and I spent the first hour and half of camp reading in my car on the side of the hill. Good times!!
I decided I'd better start home so that I could get the car fixed. (I was planning on leaving later that night. Glad I went earlier though!) I went to a gas station for water and anti-freeze then started home. I only made it a couple of miles before it overheated again. I stopped for about twenty minutes. and filled the radiator with water. Again I only made it a couple of miles before stopping again. This time at a church just before Thistle. I waited for probably 45min to an hour. I made it all the way out the canyon and died at a gas station in Mapleton. Pa and Catherine came to rescue me. We ended up having to call a tow truck. Turns out my radiator needed replacing. I cried a little when I found out. They are kind of expensive!! But it is all done and I have my car back.
Three people stopped to see if I was okay during my ordeal. I thought it was awesome that people still care about one another. I didn't really think anyone would stop. Especially nowadays. Good to see there are still good people out there.


Sandra and Dave said...

OK, after not being able to access your blog for months, I all of a sudden found three different spots w/ you!! Your profile page linked on someone else's page, your book list, from yet another person's page, and then also this particular page from Heidi's page. I love it! I'm glad you got home okay, and I can completely empathize with the tears! I cried AT THE DENTISTS OFFICE in front of the DENTIST, no less, when I found out about my root canal. They thought I was crying out of fear. Are you kidding??!!! Do they know how much a root canal costs??!!

Laurie said...

Oh Andrea, I'm glad you made it home okay. It is nice that people stopped to check on you, and that your Dad and Catherine came to the rescue. Love you!