Guess Who's 50!?

Mom turned 50 on Feb 2nd. It was a good day. We made her think we forgot. Then put a flower on her car telling her that we wanted to take her out to lunch. Erin came down and we had sandwiches at the park near her work. Sarah then came up and we took her out to dinner. Pa and Catherine came with. It was yummy. We went to Texas Roadhouse. We then tried to stall her because we forgot ice cream for our surprise party. We just hung out at home until someone knocked on the door. She was a little surprised. The best part was when someone else came she asked if there were more people coming. So great. I hope she was pleasantly surprised. She is the best mom. We are so lucky to have her. I can't believe she is 50 already. Hope you had a great birthday Mom. I love you!!

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