Erin and I went down to New Mexico to visit some friends, tour her mission, and go to the Balloon Fiesta. It was so much fun! We visited some people, got to see some of Erin's mission, went on a hike, and went to the fiesta. I can't remember where we hiked at but it was the top of one of their mountain ranges. It was so cold! We also stopped by the Albuquerque Temple. It is gorgeous! The Balloon Fiesta was so cool. The balloons were amazing. It would be fun to go for a ride in one. Maybe someday. It was fun to get away.


The Coxclan said...

Fun pics and fun adventure. I love it. You're the awesomest cousin. :o)

The Big Black Box said...

Awesomest besides me of course right Heidi??? Ha ha!! We hiked up The Crest on the Sandia Mountains. Awesomeness!!