The Vegas Trip

I can't believe that it has been so long since I updated. Vegas was back on Feb 13 to the 16th. It was a blast. Everyone got to come it was awesome! We stayed at the Palace Station, they gave us free/cheap rooms. In-N-Out was good as usual. We met Karen, Jon, and Matt there. We went out to Red Rock Canyon and had a snowball fight. It was pretty entertaining. The snow out there was thick so it hurt a little when you got hit. Especially when we were all trying to throw hard enough to make it hurt. Matt then took to the back as we started a little hike and proceeded to hit who he could with snowballs. Good times. We gambled a little. Jon and Karen were the lucky ones this trip. Erin was lucky too but in a not so good way. Check out her blog to find out why. Vegas is my favorite tradition. I love getting away and being able to hang out with family and friends. Thanks Pa for starting it!!


The Coxclan said...

Dude you're leaving me in suspense. Erin in no way posted anything. Have you seen how long it's been. She is never going to post again. I know it. You'll have to blurt the news yourself. Onge you can't do stuff like this to me.

Hey lets hang out soon. I miss you.