Recent goings on

A week ago from last Wednesday I went up to girls camp. It was fun. I am glad I went. We, well not I, climbed a rock wall. No one made it to the top though. But a couple got close. We also went swimming and canoeing. We also did a hike and had our morning devotionals and firesides. It was a good time. I enjoyed getting to know the leaders and girls better.

Last night we went to see the fireworks at the county fair. It was cool because we were all by ourselves. It was quiet. The fireworks were kind of weird. Most of them were in twos. We joked that it was because they made more money this year. They were pretty good regardless. It was a good time.


Erin of the Oakesons said...

Seriously Onge, I've been visiting your blog almost daily! You haven't put anything new up in WEEKS!! You're killin me Smalls!!