We made another trip to Vegas recently. Catherine flew down Monday. Me and Pa were going to go to Reno for the bottle show Friday then over to Vegas, but 3 hours out Pa noticed something wrong with the jeep. We decided to head home and just go to Vegas in the morning. It was pretty fun. They have a new Wizard of Oz game that is way cool. We mostly stayed in because it was so hot. One night it was 107 degrees at 10:00. Craziness. It made me thankful the bottle show is in February. On the way home it got pretty windy. Here is what my hair looked like after we made a pit stop. Pretty sweet yeah? Me and Catherine found it a little funny.


Erin of the Oakesons said...

A little funny??? I almost peed my pants just now when I saw the picture.... I can just imagine what it was like in real life!!!