Grandparents Day

A while back we had Grandparents day. This is where my grandparents take all the grandkids 3 and older to spend the day with. This year we each brought an heirloom to share then we went miniature golfing and then swimming at Stacie's. It was a lot of fun. Me, Brooke and Phil were teamed together at mini golf. It was good times. They both got holes in one! Brooke got the best score. Way to go Brooke. Can you spot the creepy monkey in the pics? It was so weird.
While we were having lunch my cousin Connor, who is the next Jack Black, did a song from the movie Nacho Libre. It is so good. That kid is awesome! We had a great time this year. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for starting this tradition. I love getting together with my cousins.


Erin of the Oakesons said...

Drandparent's Gay!!! YAY! Sounds like ya'll had some good times! That Connor is stinkin hilarious. I hope Brooke didn't get too big of a head getting the lowest score in mini golf.. That's all we need! We need more pictures of YOU!!