Rockhounding time

Tuesday was a good day. Pa, Melanie, Darlene, and I went out to find some rock. First we went and looked for trilobites. There is this place where you can pay 20 bucks to find them but Pa knew a spot where we didn't have to pay. We couldn't get into the good spot because there was someone working there but Pa sweet talked him into pointing out another spot we could dig at and not have to pay. We broke rock, slate to be exact, for a long time without any really good specimens, just little guys. Towards the end me and Pa went up a hill and found a good outcrop and decided to break it up. We found a couple good pieces. Next we went to look for Apache tears. We found a bunch. There was also a lot of animal sightings this go around. Pa caught 2 horny toads and we saw a couple of lizards. We also spotted the elusive Orange Frog. Not many have seen this creature in the wild. We were very fortunate! And to end the day we saw a gorgeous sunset. Can life get any better?


Laurie said...

Looks like fun! You guys are quite the adventurers. Love you!

Erin of the Oakesons said...

I can't even believe it!! You know that I have been in search of an Orange Frog in its natural habitat for a good portion of my adult life. Of all the luck!! Just two weeks after I leave and you spot one, AND get an awesome picture of it. Good on ya! I must concede.... You greatly surpass me in the areas of adventure, wildlife hunting/observance, longer hair, and most purses owned. I tip my hat to you Sister