Geode trip

June 8, 2006
On a trip to the geode beds we (me, Pa, Joe) met a good Samaritan. That doesn't happen a lot these days. It was incredible.
We left early and got a flat tire just as we were pulling in to our spot. Well we changed it and started hunting for geodes. The guy who digs with a bobcat was out and we talked to him a bit. We found out which areas the different geodes were in. He also dug a little. It was cool. Then a plane I have never seen before flew over. It was black and kind of looked like a triangle. It was awesome. We then had our sandwiches and left. We decided we better pray that the car would work and we wouldn't blow out another tire on the way home.
We got through all the dirt roads and on to the black top when we blew the other tire. I thought, so much for the prayer. We were stranded because we only have one spare and it was being used. Pa decided to take the cell phone and walk to where there was service. Me and Joe waited by the car. About 20 minutes later a jacked up truck was coming at us. We flagged him down. We were just going to have him take Erin's number and call her with our situation when he got service. But he said he would take us into town. It turned out he worked at a tire store! What are the odds? He took our tires with him and took us back into town. He drove us to his shop and fixed our tires for us for free. He just told us to do something nice for someone else. It was incredible. He then offered to take us back out! We thought he had done enough so we got family to take us back. The whole thing was incredible. I learned a powerful lesson on prayer that day. They are not always answered like we want them to but they do get answered.