Me, Pa, and Catherine went out to Frisco this last weekend. We went out there to look around the ghost town and hopefully find a couple of marbles and buttons. When we got there we went to the south side of town. We looked around a couple buildings and didn't find anything. We went further on and found a cave. Me and Pa decided to check it out. We went inside and it was a tunnel that went on forever (it seemed). We found some cool rocks and took them outside. We went back in to go down the tunnel a ways and see what was in there. We stopped at a point where the tunnel got a little smaller and looked around. On the ceiling there were lots of cracks and the flakes of rock were being held up by rock that had fallen earlier and was cracked itself, at this we decided that we probably shouldn't go in any further, we didn't want to dig our way out if the ceiling fell. Pa left first and I was in there looking around a little when all of a sudden I heard a thump and the cave vibrated a little. I was afraid that the cave was falling down with me in it and I ran out. When I got out I saw Pa there throwing rocks on the ground to break them open. I was good times! I was glad the cave didn't fall on me. The trip rest of the trip was a blast. We went over to the North side of town and looked at the huge kilns used for makeing charcol. We then did some looking around and found our marbles and some buttons.
The history of the town is very interesting. The town was a mining town. The people were very rich and very evil. There was a sherrif that came into town to "clean it up". He told the people who were evil to either leave or get shot. Some people didn't believe him and it is said he killed 6 people his first night. If you want to learn a little more a good website to visit is: