The day we saw Bigfoot is a day I will never forget. It was a sunny day, kind of early in the morning. Me, Pa, Orrin, and Otis were taking a drive. We stopped on the west side of Utah Lake for something to eat and to wander around a little. While we were there we just happened to look into the hills west of us. There we saw it. Bigfoot! He was huge and had dark brown hair all over. It was incredible, there he was right in front of us. I never thought I would see Bigfoot, I thought he was a myth. But I am here to tell you that he is real. I saw him. He walked down the hill and went behind a tree. He was behind the tree for a while then a man came out holding something furry. He carried the thing to his car and drove away. We were all in shock at that moment. What happened to Bigfoot? Did he kill Bigfoot? Was he wearing a suit? If so, why would he wear a suit? Why would he be on that hill? We didn't see any other cars or people. What really happened that day? I don't think we will ever figure out what happened, but I believe we really did see Bigfoot that day.